Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting the privacy of patient information and to handling your personal information in a responsible manner.

Information you provide to us, be it on paper, in consultations, via email, phone or otherwise, is stored
remotely on secure data servers as per industry norms.

All clinic staff have access to your information, and are entrusted to only access your information for legitimate clinical purposes. Please note that staff may, for ease of communication, contact
you from their personal mobile devices, personal email accounts, or via other methods.

At times, to deliver the best care, we may suggest that we share information we have collected, our clinical notes, and/or our professional opinion with another health care provider, fitness industry provider, or sporting coach. In any such situation, we would always seek permission from you first.

By default, for most appointment types our software will email you an appointment confirmation on making a booking, and a receipt after you have made a payment. Likewise, by default, our software will send you a text the day prior to each appointment to remind you of your appointment.

From time to time, we use our software to notify patients via email or text information that may be of interest to them- for example when staff are taking and/or returning from leave, special offers and promotions, and general clinic news. If you receive an email or text from us and you’d prefer to opt-out, simply reply ‘stop’ and we’ll remove you from the list.

Other than circumstances such as unlawful activity or serious threats to health and safety, we do not share personal information with any other business or agency. You may opt out of further contact from us at any time.