Ankle Sprains

The one injury I’ve probably seen the most in my career as a Physio is a sprained ankle. This injury can affect anyone at any age. Some sprains can be quite minor while others can be more substantial. In either case, make sure that you don’t leave this injury untreated as studies show that the […]

Central Coast Osteopath Dr Daniel Joiner

5 tips to relieve acute low back pain

There are multiple ways for acute low back pain to develop mainly repetitive movements, prolonged positional holds and trauma (one way is falling off a horse, not recommended). Symptoms may not develop immediately due to the inflammation process taking time to develop. Once the inflammation process has begun you will get some pain, how much […]

DVA Osteopath North Gosford

DVA Gold & White card holders

Being a Veteran I have a passion to support current and former members of the defence force by providing health services in my civilian career as an Osteopath. At Coast Health Clinic we offer fully funded and discounted services for current and former defence service. DVA health cards DVA issues health cards to veterans, their […]