5 quick exercises to help boost the immune system.

5 Exercises to help stimulate the immune system by Dr Brad Corbett (Osteopath).

Exercise plays an important role in keeping your immune system strong. Full body exercises such as
walking, riding, swimming, yoga are great for helping keep fluids moving around the body.
But if you just want to do a quick workout at home or the office that’s going to help boost your
immune system and help keep your lymphatic system working optimally, here are 5 easy exercises
that only require some floor space.
Do each of these for 1 minute. Then repeat as many cycles as you have time for.
Always do the exercise at breathing pace. The idea is slow and relaxed movements.

  1. Breathing squat
  • Standing feet shoulder width apart, arms by sides, palms facing forward
  • Take a breath in and as you squat down let the breath out, rolling arms in and dropping
    chin to chest
  • As you squat up, take another breath in, roll arms out and raise head up to front
  • Do for 1 minute at breathing pace.

2. Standing cross crawl

  • Standing with feet shoulder width apart, arms raised above head
  • Take a diaphragmatic breath in
  • While breathing out, bring one elbow down towards the opposite knee, while at the
    same time raising that knee towards the incoming elbow
  • While breathing in, return your arm and leg to the starting position
  • Repeat using the opposite elbow and knee
  • Do for 1 minute at breathing pace

3. Supine hip extension

  • Lying on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor
  • Take a breath in and lift your hips and bum into the air as high as comfortable
  • While breathing out, lower hips and bum back to the floor
  • Do for 1 minute at breathing pace

4. Alternate nostril breathing

  • Block your right nostril with your right thumb
  • Take a slow breath in through your left nostril
  • Release your right nostril and cover the left nostril with your right index finger and
    breathe out through your right nostril
  • Breathe back in through your right nostril then release your left nostril, cover your right
    nostril and breathe back out through your left nostril
  • Do for 1 minute at breathing pace

5. Piston breathing

  • Standing in comfortable position
  • Take a deep diaphragmatic breath in through your nose
  • Through pursed lips, do fast, short breaths out in a pulsing motion using your diaphragm
  • Do for 1 minute at breathing pace
    Give these a go to help boost your immune and lymphatic systems.
    Yours in good health
    Brad Corbett
    Personal trainer
    Holistic exercise & lifestyle coach
    Coast Health Clinic – Gosford – NSW
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